Climate Strategy in Maritime Management

Strengthening regulations from IMO

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) pursues a distinct goal towards greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and a firm willingness to decarbonize international shipping.

IMO adopted compulsory actions to reduce emissions of the shipping industry, particularly the Energy Efficiency Operating Index (EEOI) for new ships, and the Annual Efficiency Ratio (AER) for all ships.

Moreover, owners/charterers and even lenders have to be fully transparent on the emissions they produce and make sure they are within the levels set by the IMO. 

Shipowners and charterers will be facing increased pressure to adjust their business approach and switch to alternative fuels. Alternative way forward would be to negotiate with a charter an offer of a green voyage, where CO2 offsets will be incorporated into the cost estimate.

Customer choice of green supply chains

Growing demand from customers on greening supply chains, drives an increasing number of international companies to show interest in carbon-free shipping. 

Hence large consumer-facing businesses could be one of the distinct factors bringing change in the shipping industry by urging the need for greenhouse gas reduction and climate action strategies to be implemented.

Vasco Pinnacle Solution for Green Voyages

Vasco’s platform displays the actual CO2 emissions produced depending on the fuel usage, along with calculation of forward CO2 emissions using a technology algorithm.​ The maritime software will enable shipowners to do the following:

Perform calculations for a planned voyage
Record and report actual CO2 emissions

Predict CO2 emissions for upcoming voyages

Manage the carbon offset certificates

Implementation of innovative sustainable technologies and focusing voyage operations in one single  platform provides shipowners with a number of commercial benefits. These technology advantages signify the company is at the forefront of GHG Strategies and offers Green Voyages. 

Shaping Emissions Reduction Strategy

Inspired by the idea to deliver shipowners an innovative turnkey digital product, Vasco has partnered with ClimatePartner GmbH to offer a complex environmental solution. 

ClimatePartner’s role entails more than verification of the formula used to calculate the vessel’s carbon footprints in the software. The company facilitates the development of the overall ESG framework, particularly the environmental pillar: sustainability, GHG and environmental footprint.

Process of creating integrated corporate climate strategy with ClimatePartner foresees following steps:

Having over 15 years of proven market experience and headquartered in Germany, ClimatePartner is a reputed solution provider in corporate climate action with multiple offices across Europe. 

The company executes carbon offset projects for international companies worldwide by applying innovative technologies and various certification standards. ClimatePartner’s efforts are geared towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.


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