Stamford Shipping’s Green Journey with Vasco Systems

Steaming ahead towards socially responsible investing

Stamford Shipping is dedicated to proactive environmental stewardship and places sustainability at the forefront of its business operations, exemplified by its progressive ESG policy. In a pioneering move, Stamford has embraced cutting-edge technology to monitor and accurately forecast the emissions of its vessels.

Through a strategic partnership with Vasco Systems, a leading provider of maritime voyage emissions management solutions, Stamford Shipping has gained the capability to forecast its carbon emissions and actively participate in voluntary carbon offset initiatives. What distinguishes Vasco’s Platform-as-a-Service emissions module reporting is its seamless integration, it eliminates the need for any software integration or the installation of hardware/sensors on the ships, effectively eliminating costly capital expenditures associated with retrofitting vessels. Utilising an AI-driven algorithm and machine learning, Vasco Systems enhances the efficiency of emissions data, generating highly reliable benchmark estimates for each vessel’s emissions profile, factoring in crucial variables such as size, age, and type.

By leveraging Vasco’s emissions solution, Stamford Shipping has transitioned its ESG reporting to real-time, making emissions data for each vessel readily available upon request. This eliminates the need to wait until the end of a voyage or year-end to manually compile the data. Consequently, this empowers data-driven financial decisions for future refinancing and facilitates green financing with Poseidon signatory banks.

“After speaking to our network of ship owners, charterers and maritime financiers, we found that there was a need for an Emissions solution to help them measure and future project their carbon exposure since the EU ETS will kick in next year and with Poseidon signatory banks getting increasingly vocal about sustainable maritime financing.”

Tim Spragg, CEO, Co-Founder Vasco Systems

 “The Vasco Emissions reporting and forecasting solution has given us a comprehensive understanding of our carbon exposure and effectively mitigate risks associated with carbon pricing, all through a granular, transparent and data-driven approach. Stamford takes immense pride in its commitment to the highest standards of transparent governance and compliance.

– Mark Robert Haines, Managing Partner, Stamford Shipping

About Vasco

Vasco has innovated a maritime voyage management solution offered as both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). This comprehensive offering goes beyond managing day-to-day voyages and ship operations. It empowers customers by providing them with the ability to monitor their emissions output throughout the voyage lifecycle. With advanced forecasting capabilities, customers can assess their emissions beforehand, track them during the voyage, and evaluate them afterward. This enables proactive decision-making to effectively reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) output.

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About Stamford Shipping

Stamford Shipping is a privately owned Singapore-based dry bulk and tanker ship-owning and commercial management group. Stamford has managed third-party investor capital since its inception in 2016, and in January 2020 became voluntarily regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a Registered Fund Management Company. Stamford currently owns and operates bulk carriers and product tankers.

For further information about Vasco’s Voyage Management Solution and Emissions solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].